A Tribute to Ghislain Cayouette - Nicole and Claudette Cayouette

Ghislain is a special being. He was always generous, even as a kid. When Ghislain was three, once he was taking a walk downtown with his mom and dad and met for the first time a street beggar. Spontaneously, Ghislain offered him his danish. Always, Ghislain thought of others. He told us with his hugs and words that he loved us. Even when very young, Ghislain always found a way to make us feel special.

His family As he was growing up, his sense of humor and his « joie de vivre » were omnipresent and always, his generosity towards others.

Then , this monster appeared. And still, Ghislain continued to think of others first. As he said in an interview: « When I realized people were sad inside, I decided to make them laugh ».

Then, he developed a wisdom, a wisdom seldom seen...He understood life, the essence of life and being the great communicator that he is, he gave us advice - how to raise our kids, how to keep our boyfriends, how to deal with sickness and death. Ghislain often said: « When Iím older, I want to help others ». And that is what he always did.

Ghislain, our special young man, has left us a rich legacy.

Ghislain is love. He loved life, people, his friends, music, basketball and always people. Ghislain was always in high spirits when surrounded by family and friends.

His friends Ghislain is generosity. His worry was for others, for his family, for his friends, but especially for his parents and his brother Paul-Andre whom he loves more than anything. The speech he gave in the schools, he did to help kids - so that they would take better care of themselves.

Ghislain is the force. He could have been discouraged. But Ghislain decided to be positive. His will to live, to live fully, and to fight was our inspiration. As he said: « Life is not always easy but it is worth living ».

Ghislain is an exceptional sense of humor. His good humor was contagious. He always made us laugh. His « joie de vivre » was our inspiration.

Upon this earth where Ghislain has lived and laughed for fourteen years, we have had the privilege of walking with him.

Ghislain, thank you for being our son, my brother, our grandson, our nephew, our cousin, our friend. Ghislain, you will be forever in our hearts.

Ghislain, see you soon !

Ghislain's aunts Nicole and Claudette Cayouette, July 16 1996