Ghislain Living Forever - Thérèse and Claude

Ghislain led a courageous, exemplary and victorious battle against cancer. Our entertainer had a « joie de vivre » that knew no bounds. His presence filled any room, his voice too. He had only one tone of voice - loud!

He knew how to have fun, laugh and make jokes. Donít leave without inquiring about the apple juice incident. He said that his humorglobin was high. Ghislain always used humor to win, with his teachers, his friends, his family. When Thérèse and Ghislain played around with boxing gloves, at first, Thérèse, a Tae Kwon-Do student, would have the upper hand, but soon, Ghislain would gain the advantage by making her burst with laughter.
Le Charmeur

He was a charmer. Very young, at two or three, sitting in the grocery cart, he would call up to ladies with a " Hellooo baby! ". That those who have any doubt about his charisma think a second about the impressive number of pretty young girls who came to visit him.

Ghislain said: I am special, we are all special, letís never forget it. He believed that being special was very important and knew how to make us feel special.

At the dancethon, Ghislain said that to fight cancer, one has to have fun, to have a positive attitude and to exercise. Yes, Ghislain has won his battle because of his positive attitude, his wisdom, his laughter, his love. He lives on forever.

Ghislain loved scouting. Read the scout law and the last message of B.P. This describes in a nutshell Ghislainís way of life.

Ghislain loved and felt loved. He often said that he was lucky to have so much love and support from his family, his friends, at school, at the hospital, at the parish.

As godfather and godmother, we believed we should be the role models for Ghislain. It turns out he is the one who taught us. Ghislain leaves us quite a legacy.

Ghislain wished that Gerry Bouletís song "Toujours vivant" (Living On Forever) be sung at his funeral. Since Lucie told us not to talk more than two minutes, we will leave you with this song which expresses our feelings. Yves will sing it for us.

Thérèse and Claude Renaud, Godparents

July 16 1996